Allergy Friendly Recipes

Allergy Awareness Week – Allergy Friendly Recipes

As we come to the end of Allergy Awareness Week, I thought I would post our favourite allergy friendly recipes. In particular the recipes which prove you don’t have to miss out on good food whilst being allergy aware. Having a food allergy can often make cooking tricky, especially when catering for multiple allergies. The recipes I have included try to accommodate a range of different allergies or are easily adaptable to suit different dietary requirements.

Allergy friendly recipes


Allergy Friendly recipes


Allergy Friendly Recipes
Vegan Pizza Twisty Loaf


Allergy Friendly Recipes
Butternut Squash Risotto

Desserts & Sweet Treats:

Allergy Friendly Recipes
Chocolate Cheesecake

Making recipes allergy friendly

All of my recipes are adaptable depending on the allergens you are trying to avoid. We use oat milk as we avoid soya and nut milks, however feel free to use your normal milk in its place. Flora Freedom is my dairy free spread of choice, but there are many different types of spread out there so it is worth trying a few to find one you like.

Many of my recipes, especially baking ones, are vegan as we dairy and egg free. I often use flaxseed eggs as a replacement in baking and have started to use Orgran egg replacer as well. If you are able to eat eggs then please do.

I’d love to hear how you make your recipes allergy friendly. Please feel free to contact me to share your kitchen tips!

Remember to check out my post from the beginning of Allergy Awareness Week which talked about little one’s eczema!

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