Allergy Friendly Recipes

Allergy Awareness Week – Allergy Friendly Recipes

As we come to the end of Allergy Awareness Week, I thought I would post our favourite allergy friendly recipes. In particular the recipes which prove you don’t have to miss out on good food whilst being allergy aware. Having a food allergy can often make cooking tricky, especially when catering for multiple allergies. TheContinue reading Allergy Awareness Week – Allergy Friendly Recipes

Allergy Friendly Valentine's Day Chocolate Box

Free From Valentine’s

With Valentine’s Day next Tuesday I’ve collected together some of my favourite valentines-y recipes, new and old, from my website into one Free From Valentines list. Val Like most other celebrations, festivities, dates in the calendar, Valentine’s Day isn’t the most allergy friendly. Chocolate that is suitable for little one isn’t the easiest to find. Our go-to brandContinue reading Free From Valentine’s