Dairy Free Rice Pudding

We don’t eat too many puddings in our house, not that we’re not fans! I’ve started to think more about puddings for little one though, especially as I had a request through my Facebook page for suggestions. Remember you can check out my page here. Generally speaking puddings aren’t dairy, egg and nut free however rice pudding is something pops up a lot on the CMPA support groups. Here is a free from added sugar recipe. The sweetness is from the banana which adds a great texture and consistency. I used Oatly for the dairy free milk as we are currently avoiding soya and are nut free at the moment. However you are welcome to use your dairy free milk of choice. Likewise please feel free to substitute the Pure sunflower spread for whatever dairy free option you use. We all really enjoyed this pudding and I can see it becoming a regular addition to our menu. I really like how adaptable it is so it shouldn’t become boring as we can always change it. As always I would love to hear how you have made this recipe you’re own!


100g arborio or pudding rice
1 banana
650ml dairy free milk, I use Oatly
1 tsp cinnamon
Dairy free butter for greasing, I used Pure Sunflower spread


1. Pre heat oven to Gas Mark 4, 170c. Grease a baking dish with dairy free butter.
2. Rinse the rice under cold water and drain well.
3. Mash the banana and add with the rice to the baking dish. Pour in the milk and stir.
4. Pop into the oven and cook until the liquid has been absorbed by the rice. This may take between and hour and a half to two hours. Make sure you stir after 30 to 45 minutes, sprinkling the cinnamon over the top before returning to the oven.


As this is an added sugar free version you could always drizzle a little honey over the rice pudding when serving. (Remember the NHS advises no honey under one).
Sprinkle some raisins or dairy free choc chips when serving.
Top with jam or fruit purée for a fruity twist!

Important bits

Dairy, egg, nut, soya and gluten free. Vegan.
Total make time two hours or less
Makes two grown up portions and three toddler portions

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